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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:50 pm

there are many ways to shoplift Target even though they have alot of ceiling cameras they dont watch their cameras live and there are usually blind spots in the middle of the store in or around the bedding department. first way carry a target bag in your purse or pocket, walk into the store grab a cart and staying away from the front of ash revisters go the back way to your desired target put your target in cart then go to the beddi g candle department whi h is never a busy department and where there is blind spots, then take out your plastic target bag and very quickly put item in bag, next taking the back way avoiding registers roll cart by restrooms take bag out of cart go into restrooms wait ten fifthteen mi tes then exit store also when in bathroom check item for security tags when you leave the bathroom after waiting it just looks like you had been shopping and just needed to use the bathroom befoe you left


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