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Post by Admin on Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:45 am

first you want to dress uo wearing earth tones that dont draw any attention dont wear any bright colors next dont carry a purse that is large they look for that instead try a purse with pockets in front a purse big that doesnt look big also make sure your purse is same color as your coat that way it blends in and they cant tell how big it is. next no hats, sunglasses, or backpa ks they draw attention. next know the layout of the store and where your target is so you can get it and get out before your noticed in the store. never hit the same store two days in a row space out your trips so loss prevention doesnt get to know you. never boost when you are sick, emotional, or around the holidays when loss prevention is three times thick. move around to different towns i have traveled out of state and gone trips for boosting hanging areas will keep you from getting noticed. Another thing is resear h the stores return, exchange policies and wether they have a touch chase policy. if loss pre ention trys to stop you outside the doors drop the stuff and RUN! ive ran twice and got away its not worth staying and getting a new theft charge.


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